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The Countdown is On

The Love Family: Jonathan, Jennifer, and Luca

The Countdown

Leaving home for a weekend with a toddler feels like a NASA mission; we're going for a year plus! I've planned some detailed things before, but never anything like this. A very abbreviated list of to-dos: Organize and deep clean entire house, property, and out buildings for new renters. Prepare trailer for life on the road--study up on all functions related to towing, kitchen, toilet, storage, etc. Purchase insurance for vehicles, health, and instruments. Sell two cars, and relocate a third (I know, right?). Write a song per week for the song club, plus many other music-related tasks including booking, planning, promoting, and rehearsing for upcoming shows.

It's a strange dichotomy to hold this profound excitement at the same time as overwhelm in hyper-drive.  I would love to look back on this process and say I'm proud of how easily it flowed. But, it's looking more and more likely to be quite a messy endeavor. I've had to let go of being a neat individual before. I can do it again. Sigh. All in the service of artistic freedom, yay!

On a way 'nother note, we're so blessed! Multiple people have come to us since we announced our tour, talking about this or that venue, a family with a house concert, or a cool yoga studio in their home town. This is exactly as we have envisioned the trip. Word of mouth spreading from town to town, the route rolling out like the landscape before us. I intend to follow these omens as much as possible. If you have any leads in the U.S., please send them our way!

Next Sunday is my show at Artichoke Music. I'm thrilled about this benefit show, the last time I get to play with the band for a whole year. We are actually debuting several songs from the song club experiment. It's kind of crazy to do this with so few rehearsals, but this is likely the only time I will get to play these songs with them! So, it's totally selfish, but I think you're gonna love them.

Also there's this going away party! We decided to make it a silent auction, showcasing dozens of the local artists, businesses, and practitioners we have come to know and love over the years. It feels amazing to support them, and be supported by them!

On this day in Luca-land: Butterfly kisses (aw!), experimenting with hitting friends (dang), singing "We Will Rock You" while doing the tap-tap CLAP pattern, nearly in time. I think he will be a drummer.

With Love,

Jonathan and the Love Family

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