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I Was Born This Way.

by Jonathan Brinkley

Released 2006
Released 2006
This is dynamic, positive, by turns soft and soulful or catchy and danceable, acoustic magic. Jonathan's clear tenor voice and clever guitar work will soothe and enchant any listener.
For my 28th birthday, I decided to give myself a gift. It was to be that which I’d been too poor or too scared to achieve in the past. I wanted to create a CD. This essential element in the launch of my “music career” had been the first step I just wouldn’t take for ten years. I think I was waiting until I was “good enough” to release a professional album. However, as a perfectionist I came to realize that I was never going to feel “good enough,” so if an album was what I was after, I would have to accept myself wherever I was. And that’s what this record is about--the honesty of laying it all out there, Loving what I do for its flaws and triumphs together. People are not born clean. We arrive slimey and cold and screaming, and absolutely beautiful.