Jonathan Brinkley

 Portland, Oregon's Jonathan Brinkley is a heartfelt singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher. With intimacy and human connection as his guiding lights, he thrives in small-scale settings and large performance halls alike. A classically trained vocalist, he brings a rarely heard melodic essence to the contemporary folk music he writes. Fans all agree that his message is one of positivity, and yet never shies away from the harder truths. Many applaud his ability to craft songs about complex emotions and that are still instantly singable. He draws comparisons to Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Jose Gonzalez, and Fleet Foxes.

  As a teacher of voice, piano, guitar, and songwriting, Jonathan is known to be compassionate, honest, playful, and laser-focused on helping musicians have more fun and feel more alive in their craft. 

Jonathan is currently available for performances and workshops in and around Portland, with more touring opportunities opening up in Spring of 2022.